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Label: From the Outside in

Sometimes I struggle with feeling beautiful. It's something we all can relate to, that feeling when you look in the mirror and you don't like what you see. Sometimes it helps to build on my appearance. To highlight the things I like about myself, and reduce the things I don't. Sometimes tiny changes can boost my confidence so much, that I feel like a different, better version of myself. Which is something we all need in our lives.  When you see this label on a post it means that the post is focusing on building confidence through nurturing outward appearances. In a sense building confidence "From the Outside in". These posts are about taking how you look and enhancing a few of the billions of things that are beautiful about you. So that you are a step closer to seeing the beautiful person that everyone else sees. Some topics these posts might cover are: Acne Hair Fitness Skin Fashion
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Label: Hair

Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted Rapunzel length hair. However I went about it all wrong. I never trimmed my hair which led to it becoming very unhealthy, and I didn't know how to care for my curl pattern which led to it becoming very frizzy. Only just recently have I discovered how to properly care for my hair, and it is so much healthier. I love my hair, it's my security blanket, and now that its healthy I'm trying to explore coloring my hair in ways that will keep it that way. When you see this label on a post it means that the post is about helping others achieve healthy hair without sacrificing the fun of color or styling. These posts are using the things I've learned from my own hair journey to help others along theirs. These posts are about feeling confident in the hair you have and caring for it in order to nurture it into the hair you've always dreamed of.  Some topics these posts may cover are: Methods of styling without damage Coloring

Label: Acne

I have acne, like a full face of acne that even on good days doesn't completely disappear. On the bad days my face swells up like a balloon, and turns patchy and red. On the bad days I want to hide under a rock. Acne is so difficult in so many ways, but the thing about acne is that we aren't alone in it.   When you see this label on a post it means that the post is about helping others with their acne insecurities. These posts are taking my experiences with acne and sending them out to anyone who's listening in the hopes that they will help them feel less alone.  Some topics these posts may cover are: Ways to remove acne How to feel comfortable with acne  Products that make me feel better about my acne 

Cutting Your Own Bangs (a guide to not butchering your hair)

Cutting Your Own Bangs (a guide to not butchering your hair)     While getting a fringe isn't for everyone, it can certainly change up your look and give your confidence a major boost. Bangs can be tricky though, which is why most opt for a salon experience rather than a DIY catastrophe. I'm one of the few who've handled the scissors solo, and come out the other side with a gorgeous cut. So here's a guide for taking the leap at home, and pulling it off.         (I am not a licensed cosmetologist, the information in this post is what I have learned from experience cutting my own bangs at home. Do not take my advice over the advise of a licensed cosmetologist)                                                              #1 "Splurge" for the right scissors      Cutting your hair with kitchen scissors or like most of us brightly colored ones from our kinder garden class, can lead to damaging your hair. Scissors with blades made specifically for trims will cut each